Small Biz Rehab is the lovechild of passions for both design and entrepreneurs. We specialize in the “push.” Our motto is, “you don’t have to be perfect to be profitable, but you do have to be existent!” So, stop carrying those 7-figure ideas around in your head! We can always grow and improve, but we have to have a baseline!

We specialize in moving your idea from your head to a functioning online site or store. We “build your home” so you can invite customers inside, and that's the “push” many of you need.

If you're already established, then we’re your growth partner, pushing you to your next level up. Call us today, to schedule a consultation on how we can improve your existing business or help you launch.


We’re honored to create a platform where we can expose other businesses who are doing great things in our community. 

Honoring our commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility, our vision is to rotate these as often as possible to help our visitors who desire to support/patronize minority businesses.

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Right now, we dedicate a portion of our business revenue to support two of many, many causes that matter to us.  NAMI and The Innocence Project.  When you purchase any product or service from SmallBizRehab, please know that we’re doing our civil duty within our community and society-at-large, to join the movement to support projects, research and raise awareness around mental illness and prison reform. 

If you’d just like to learn more or make a humanitarian donation, please feel free to do so via these links:

NAMI Greater Houston

The Innocence Project of Texas


If you’re already earning from social media presence, GREAT! That’s a good start.  But, do you realize how much more money you’re missing b/c you have no history on a platform that YOU control? If you know anything about monetization or residual income from social media, then you know that it’s all about tracking and leveraging how many people follow YOU? 


Remember, your website is your storefront for the world. It doesn’t have to look like Target’s site, and cost $10,000…but you need a good one. It helps legitimize you to potential customers. And remember, many opportunities that come your way will ask for your website URL, from the door!  If you have nothing…you’re likely going to miss that boat!  It’s best to just have a place that YOU own, where you’re tracking your biggest assets–your customers.  


Yes, I’m well aware that you can leverage assets from other platforms like, social media sites… but you still need to be able to convert those from visitors to customers and to long-term repeat business.  THAT’S where your website comes in.  You get to channel business from  those other platforms to YOUR platform, your website.

This differs and depends on what you need and your available budget. But here’s the thing–whatever you choose to invest, expect a return!

Absolutely.  But don’t take my word for it.  Lean on the professionals who keep repeating this to entrepreneurs!  Here are a few of my favs: 


Here’s one for Website Design

Here’s one for SEO

I think I can attract enough business by word-of-mouth.  

I’ll never knock the power of having a good name in the streets!  If your service or product is awesome, people will tell people and it helps!  HOWEVER, consider this: 


Since we’re Texans, let’s assume you love BBQ.  Let’s say you’re in a different city and you want some.  You’ve heard there are some killer spots in the area,but you can’t remember the names of them.  You ask around and everyone tells you a different one is “the best.”  Well, assume you drive past one location and the parking lot is full and everyone walking out iw reviewing it as “the best BBQ experience they’ve had!  This place was not one of the places anyone mentioned when you asked, but since you saw the sign and the packed parking lot, it caught your attention.  So….you’re hungry, you have money in your pocket, you love BBQ, and you’re right there in their parking lot….what are you going to do?  You stop! You spend your money and you LOVE IT! 


So think of marketing your business the same way.  You’ll have competitors.  You’ll have similar products and services. Everyone will have their “favorite” place.  But you’ll get the business of people who want what you have, and can FIND you.  And, they’ll find you IF YOU PUT YOURSELF IN FRONT OF THEM.  People buy what they see!  And right now, online traffic is KING! 


Here’s a stat from notable research firm, Statista: In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 50 percent over the next four years, reaching about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025


I was never great in math, but that’s a no-brainer! If you’re not online–and optimized in a way that buyers looking to spend, can find you–you’re missing this money boat!  

Payment methods: 


Apple Pay, Cash, Check, Credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Square cash app, Stripe, Venmo, Zelle

Yes. An SSL certificate is a SSL certificate to protect you and your customers from online predators.  There are different kinds, and we always recommend our clients invest in one.  We’re happy to advise on these and help you get protection! 


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